4 Exterior Upgrades That Save Money And Increase Curb Appeal

Posted on: 5 January 2015

Simple exterior upgrades can provide major savings, while also making your home look nicer from the outside. Updating or replacing just one of the following can give your home a whole new look. #1: Upgrade Your Windows The windows are the soul of a house. Old windows that look dated or with hazed glass can ruin the whole outward appearance of your home. They also cost you money because they don't offer suitable energy efficiency and may let in drafts.
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Maintenance Tips For A Healthy, Lush Lawn

Posted on: 30 December 2014

After your lawn's needs have been professionally handled, keep it looking lush and green by completing regular maintenance steps. Add the following tips into your normal routine and you will have a yard that you can be proud of and that will complement the way your home looks. Mow Grass The Proper Way Adjust your lawn mower so that blades of grass aren't cut as shortly as they normally are. Having blades that are a few inches tall will provide your lawn with shade so that weeds aren't as likely to germinate.
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How To Repair Minor Damage To Your Asphalt Driveway

Posted on: 18 December 2014

Minor damage, such as small potholes and cracks, can easily impact the way your asphalt driveway looks and functions. Thankfully, repairing this type of damage can be relatively easy and affordable, even from companies like Armour Pavement Inc. In fact, most homeowners will be able to complete this process in just a few hours without the need for any expensive equipment. In order to complete this task yourself, simply follow the steps outlined below.
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Tree-Cycling: How To Reuse Downed Trees

Posted on: 17 December 2014

There are many reasons a tree may have to be removed. At times, trees become diseased and weak or age to the point that they are no longer safe to remain upright. In some cases, a homeowner may not like the tree's placement and choose to have it removed for aesthetic purposes. Whatever the reason, when a tree has to come down, it creates a golden opportunity to recycle. It can take anywhere from several years to several decades for a sapling to mature into a full-size tree.
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