The Concrete Lifting Guide to Outdoor Hardscaping Repairs and Renovations

Posted on: 21 July 2020

When there is a problem with sinking driveways, patios, paths, and hardscaping, they can be unsightly and make your home vulnerable to damage. You'll want to find the right solutions to renovate and repair the hardscaping in your landscaping. When you are looking for these solutions, this information will help with lifting hardscaping to renovate landscaping and prevent damage to your home:

Stopping the Driveway from Settling

Driveways are some of the most vulnerable areas of hardscaping because of the weight of vehicles and frequent use. Another problem is that damage to the concrete near your home can cause problems with damage to your home due to drainage, soil erosion, and water problems. The process of lifting the concrete in your driveway with an expanding foam can help fix the pavement and protect your home from damage.

Retaining Wall Settling and Problems with Soil Retainment

There are retaining walls in landscaping designs to provide a functional purpose. These walls help retain loose soils and protect your home and outdoor spaces. The problem is that retaining walls often have poor footings, which can cause settling and damage to the walls. Therefore, you may need to have concrete lifting done to support the weight of retaining walls. Talk to the concrete lifting service about repairing the settling, as well as solutions to repair damaged walls that provide a functional soil retainment to protect your home.

Dealing with Paths Sinking In Soft Soil

The gardens around your home may have concrete pavements and sidewalks to enhance the appearance of the landscaping. They are also functional features, but the installation over unstable soils can cause paths to sink and crack. Concrete lifting can be used to raise paths that have been severely damaged by soil movement. This will help improve the appearance of hardscaping, as well as make your outdoor areas safer.

Solving Problems with Patios and Concrete Features Sinking

The concrete features that are nearest to your home can cause serious issues when they start to sink. A common area around your home where you may have this problem is a backyard patio area. The sinking and cracks in the patio can cause drainage problems and make your foundation vulnerable to moisture and water damage issues. Therefore, you will want to have concrete lifting done to raise and repair these areas before refinishing them to restore your outdoor living space.

Lifting concrete in your landscaping can help you repair damage and get ready to complete renovations to outdoor spaces. Contact a concrete lifting service and talk to them about the problems with hardscaping to get started with the repairs and renovations.