Roof Replacement Tips To Consider For Your Next Home Re-Roofing Project

Posted on: 18 February 2020

The time for replacement is approaching, and you have already begun to notice signs on your roof of its age. Now that your roof is nearing its need for replacement, you can start to plan for a new roof, and the details included in hiring a roofer and selecting a new roof product. Here are some tips to consider as your roof ages and approaches the time of replacement.

Hire a Professional Roofer

As you approach the time at which you will need to replace your home's roof, start shopping for a good roofing company to do the job. You can ask around your neighborhood to find out who does quality work and focus on positive referrals.

You will also want to shop for a price that is appropriate for your roof. For example, if your roof contains multiple dormer gables or several levels of roofing shingles, it will require more to replace your roof. A roof that is one single level and only contains vent openings is going to cost less overall with labor and roofing products.

Collect a few roofing quotes to help you get an idea of your roof replacement cost to select a company that will do great work at a good price. Don't always go for the lowest bid, but look for a balance of affordability and quality.

Don't Cut Corners

When you are evaluating your roof for replacement and looking for a professional to do the work, don't try to go cheap on the work or the materials. Before your roofer installs your new roof, they should remove the old shingles first.

By leaving the old shingles in place, you set your roof up for future problems and visual irregularities that will leave your new roof lacking. When your roofer removes your old roof, they can also check the condition of your roof down to the rafters of your home.

Consider the Environment

Another important point to consider is the effect on the environment that your roof and its replacement have. For example, you can look to recycle your old shingles after they have been removed. Ask your roofer about this option to find out how to keep your shingles out of the local landfill.

Another impact on the environment occurs when you install a new roof that is made of dark-colored shingles, which absorb heat in the summer. This occurrence will cause your home to become warmer during the summer and lead to your home's air conditioner working more and using more energy to cool your home. Talk to your professional roofer about shingles that keep your roof cooler in the summer with reflective beads and temperature-reducing coatings.

To learn more about commercial roofing in your area, contact a roofer.