Why Some Remodeling Contractors Are Like Interior Designers

Posted on: 21 June 2018

Remodeling contractors, for the most part, will just remodel what you tell them to remodel. You provide the supplies, and they just do the job. While that is well and good, and as most homeowners intended, there are some remodeling contractors who are a lot more like interior designers. This can also be a good thing, as you shall see.

Like Interior Designers, These Remodeling Contractors Offer Suggestions

Sometimes other people have really good ideas about how to transform a room in your house. Some of these people have been actively working as remodeling contractors for years. Ergo, they know a thing or two. 

If you choose to hire and listen to a remodeling contractor that offers suggestions for changes (like an interior designer would!), then you may find that you have more room and/or that the room under construction looks even better with the suggested changes applied.

Moving Things You Would Not Have Thought to Move

One of the most surprising suggestions offered by these contractors is moving large appliances or fixtures. As a homeowner, you might not envision these moves, given that you have become so accustomed to your refrigerator in one spot and your sink in another. Instead, your remodeling contractor may suggest creating an island where your sink and dishwasher are, moving your refrigerator to a corner of the kitchen, and subsequently creating a lot more countertop and cabinet space all around the room!

Building Glamorous Touches from Nothing

An interior designer would be the first person to suggest creating and adding crown molding, trayed ceilings, stamped metal ceilings, etc. Sometimes these glamorous touches already exist, and the remodeling contractor only has to refresh them. At other times, your contractor may suggest creating, constructing, and installing these touches from nothing more than a bare ceiling. It is that extra "wow!" factor that sets some of these remodeling contractors apart.

Remodeling Contractors Who Are Sticklers for Historical Accuracy

There are many remodeling contractors who double as historical restoration contractors. They want everything to look perfect and be perfect. They have a lot of knowledge of how your turn-of-last-century home should have looked, both on the inside and outside. You could hire a general remodeling contractor for such a project, but you may find that hiring a remodeling/ restoration contractor proves to be the better choice when you are considering entering your very old home into the local historical society.

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