Worried About Your Well? How To Tell When It's About To Fail You

Posted on: 6 February 2018

When the water to your home comes from your own personal well, you can't afford to be dealing with well troubles. Once your well gives out, the supply of water to your home comes to an end. Unfortunately, when that happens, you'll be without water until you can get a new well drilled. To help you avoid an emergency situation where you're faced with the prospect of no water, here are three warning signs you should watch for. If you notice one, two, or all three of these signs, you need to have your well inspected as soon as possible. Your well may be struggling to find that last gallon or two of water.

Your Electric Bill Shot Through the Roof

If your electric bill is fairly consistent every month, it's a good idea to look to it as an indicator of your well health. That's because your well's electric pump is constantly working to bring fresh water to your home. If your electric bill suddenly shoots through the roof from one month to the next, you know you have a significant problem. That could mean that there's a short in the well system, or the pump is malfunctioning. A good way to pinpoint your well as a source of the electricity spike is to monitor your electricity for a day or two. The best way to do that is to watch your meter when the water is running. If your meter spins out of control when the water is running, you know there's a problem with your well.

Your Pump Is Cycling Continuously

When your well is working properly, the pump should only run when water is needed at the house. If your pump is running through a continuous cycle, you could be looking at a couple of different problems. First, the sensor could be worn out, which is signaling your pump that it needs to bring water up even when it doesn't. Second, the shut-off switch could be malfunctioning, which is preventing the pump from shutting off even when it knows it's not needed. Finally, the tank could be waterlogged. If you're noticing that the pump is running continuously, it's time to have your well inspected.

Your Faucets Are Dry

This is one of the last signs before your well finally gives out. First, you'll notice that the water isn't coming out as forcefully as it once did. Next, it might come out forcefully once, followed by a minimal flow the next time. Finally, your faucets will be dry. You may notice that no water comes out of one or all of your faucets. At first, you may notice that the faucets farthest from the well have gone dry. When that happens, it's just a matter of time before the faucets closest to the well are dry, too. To avoid being without water, you should contact a well company like Advanced Drilling as soon as you notice the changes in pressure.