Creating A Mini Soccer Pitch: Three Options To Consider For Your Park

Posted on: 29 December 2017

Whether your park district is considering the start of a youth soccer league or you simply want to carve out additional playing space at one of your park locations, a mini soccer pitch can make a great addition to your public space. As you plan out the mini pitch, take the following ideas into consideration to create an inviting space for players and spectators alike.

Portable Soccer Wall

A portable soccer wall lets you create the playing space, defining the borders of the field while also setting off the pitch from the rest of your park's open space. You can find portable walls constructed from chain link fencing, vinyl, plastic, or several other materials. Your wall builder can create a design that fits your available space while still meeting requirements for small-sided matches. This may mean creating recessed areas to accommodate goals at either end of the field, or expanding the dimensions to include extra room for the players' benches.

Containment Nets

If you are concerned about balls leaving the playing area where they might injure spectators, you can have your contractors create a containment net that fits your playing field. These nets are typically constructed at a height that helps to keep soccer balls on the pitch, and they can also come in handy if you have multiple fields being used for games at the same time. The nets prevent balls from one field disrupting play on another.

Portable Bleachers

Giving family members, friends, and team fans a place to sit and watch the game is also important. Instead of installing permanent bleachers, which can impact the way you use the space around the field in the off-season, consider portable bleacher options. Metal bleachers that fold away when not in use can make a great option for parks. You can use the bleachers wherever you have outdoor sporting events, making them a versatile investment. Look for bleachers that come with integrated wheels, as they can be hooked up to a park district truck and towed away for storage. Determine how many spectators you have at an average game, and use this information to determine how many sets of bleachers you'll need for your mini soccer pitch.

Work with your contractor to determine how much available space you have to dedicate to a mini soccer pitch, and use these ideas to create a space that invites players to learn the game and compete for fun.