4 FAQs About Wooden Garage Doors

Posted on: 28 November 2017

Have you looked at your garage door and decided it's time to replace it? If so, there are many different materials from which you can choose. Wooden garage doors are some of the most beautiful, but they aren't right for everyone. Check out these four frequently asked questions about wooden garage doors so you can decide if they are a right fit for your home.

How Much Do They Cost?

Wooden garage doors are usually an expensive option, but depending on the type of wood and complexity of the door's design, prices do range from medium to high. For example, if you choose a stock wooden door made from pressed wood, you'll pay about $575, but that does not include installation. An even cheaper option is to install a plywood garage door, but you get little options in style.

Wood doors, however, can be customized, which is one of the reasons people love them. You can have a door customized for your home, so it is completely unique. However, that costs more money. If you choose a door that is tailor made for you, you'll pay about $3000, plus installation.

How Much Maintenance Is Required?

Wooden doors are beautiful, but all that beauty comes with a price: a lot of maintenance. With steel garage doors, you don't need to worry about much more than dings. Even if the paint peels, the steel is usually durable against weather. Wood, however, does not withstand weather well, so it needs protection. You'll need to ensure the door gets painted or stained frequently to protect against root and decay.

You should also make sure to maintain the weather-stripping at the bottom of the garage door. This area touches the outside ground, so it is more exposed to water and ice. Worn weather-stripping can lead to hidden decay. Lastly, you'll also need to frequently check for signs of bug infestation and exterminate any you find.

Are They Durable?

All the maintenance makes it sound like wooden garage doors aren't durable, but that isn't the case. As long as you maintain your wood door, it is extremely durable, and not only against weather. Steel doors, depending on the thickness of the steel, may easily dent when hit with a bike, ball or debris.

Wooden garage doors aren't prone to denting. They also withstand scratches better than steel garage doors. If your wooden garage door does get damaged, it's unlikely you'll need to replace the entire door if it has panels because a panel can just be replaced.

Do They Provide Insulation?

Steel and aluminum garage doors offer little insulation unless they are filled with insulation during construction. However, wood garage doors do not need any additional insulation added to make them a great option if you want to control the temperature in your garage. The thicker the wood, the better the insulation.

Many people have bedrooms above the garage or like to heat/cool their garage for various reasons, but if you have a door with little insulation, the energy leaks right through the big garage door. Wood has a high R-value, which helps keep the garage (and the rooms above the garage) cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Wooden garage doors offer unparalleled flexibility when it comes to choosing your garage door. As long as you have the money and the right garage door builder, you can have any door you want. However, they are expensive and require a lot of maintenance to prevent decay. If you would like more information regarding wooden garage doors or other garage door options, contact a garage door repair and replacement technician at companies like Plano Overhead Garage Door