Stove Getting Old? 2 Problems You May Have With Your Oven

Posted on: 25 August 2017

If your stove is getting old, you may start having problems with the oven. If you do, do not immediately go out and purchase a new stove. This is because some problems you will be able to fix on your own or an appliance repair contractor can repair the oven for you. Below are two things that may happen with the oven so you can be prepared.

Oven Door Will Not Close All the Way

If the oven door will not close all the way and you have an electric oven, you are likely getting an error message. If you are getting an error message about the door latch, it may be the door sensor instead of the actual door.

Unplug the oven, wait about 15 seconds, and then plug the oven back in. This reboots the control board and, in some cases, this will fix the problem.

If you are not getting any error messages, the problem could be with the door hinge. Look at the hinges on each side of the door to see if they look damaged in any way. If they are, you will have to purchase replacement hinges and install them. Refer to the owner's manual for your oven for instructions on how to do this.

No Heat Coming from Electric Oven

If you have an electric stove that is not heating, it is likely the heating element has gone bad. There are two heating elements inside the oven. One is at the top, which is known as the broiler. Another one is at the bottom, which is known as the baking heating element.

Turn the oven on and see if both heating elements glow red. If neither do, then both need to be replaced. If only one glows red, then you will need to replace the one that does not light. You may want to consider going ahead and replacing both at the same time.

Refer to the owner's manual for your stove. It likely has instructions on how to replace the heating elements. You can purchase replacement appliance parts for your stove online or at a local appliance store. Tell them the part you need, along with the model and year of your stove and they can find what you need.

No Heat Coming from Gas Stove

If the stove is gas, the gas line may not be working. An easy way to determine this is if you have hot water coming from your kitchen sink. If you turn on the faucet and only have cold water, there could be a problem with the gas line. In a case like this, you need to contact your local gas company to repair this problem for you.