How To Keep Your Glass Railings In Tip-Top Shape

Posted on: 16 January 2017

Glass railings are delicate things and can be easily marred and dirtied. If the glass railings are outside, it is even more important to care for them properly. Here are some tips and tricks to keeping your glass railings in tip-top shape.

Keeping Them Clean

Inside, your glass railings are easily cleaned with glass cleaner and a soft cloth. It is generally recommended that you use cloths designated for the cleaning of glass and nothing else. These cloths will not scratch or fog up the glass with lint, despite their use with glass cleaner.

If you are trying to keep your outside glass railings clean, the gentlest setting on your pressure washer is okay. You can also use the indoor glass cloths to wipe the outside railings dry. Then apply a coating that helps rain, animal and bird feces, and other debris from nature off the glass. These unpleasant and messy things will then slide off the glass railings to the ground or deck below, keeping the glass cleaner than railings without the coating.

Making Tiny Scratches Invisible

Auto glass specialists use a special glass filler to eliminate tiny cracks and chips. You can buy a similar product that will help you fill in the little scratches in your glass railings. Use it sparingly as you fill in the scratches or you may have obvious raised areas on the glass that will draw attention. NEVER use an abrasive substance to "erase" the scratches, or you will end up with even bigger scratches on the glass. This includes abrasive cleaners that are often used to clean porcelain tubs, sinks, and toilet bowls.

Dusting Glass Railings Indoors

It goes without saying that glass railings outside will get dusty and dirty quickly. Inside, your glass railings will attract dust, but it will take time to build up a layer of dust on the glass. As such, you have some leeway with dusting indoor glass railings. Once a week or once every other week to dust is sufficient for keeping the glass clear and easy to see through.

Repairing the Glass

Sometimes a pet or a child can really do some damage against a glass railing. Hopefully, the railing does not split or shatter all the way and injure the child or pet. If the damage is significant and obviously unsafe, call a glass specialist to have the panel repaired as soon as possible. 

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