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If you live in an area that’s prone to lightning storms, it’s important that you understand how those storms can affect your central air conditioning system. After all, while most homeowners understand that a direct strike can cause damage, many don’t realize that even indirect lightning strikes can lead to electrical damage that can affect your air conditioning. Here are a few things to watch for with your system following a storm. Temperature Regulation If your air conditioner suddenly stops regulating temperature properly or won’t engage when the temperature is warmer than the thermostat setting, that’s an indication that there’s a short in the thermostat or some other failure. If you have an electric thermostat, look at the display itself. There should be no errors or anything if it’s working correctly. If you cannot confirm that the thermostat is on and the temperature is correct, have an air conditioning technician test the thermostat and replace it if necessary. Compressor Operation If the thermostat is engaging the fan but the compressor itself isn’t cycling on, that’s an indication that the compressor inside the condenser is what’s failing. If you can hear the fan turn on and off based on where the temperature is set on the thermostat, call an HVAC technician right away. He or she will have to disassemble the condenser to test and replace the compressor if it needs it. Don’t try to do this on your own, as you could risk damaging the air conditioner without the proper training. Hidden Troubles It’s natural to think that your air conditioning made it through the storm fine if you don’t see any problems within the next day or so. This is a pretty reasonable, and usually correct, assumption. However, the fact is that you may actually not see the signs of damage for some time. If your air conditioner suffers any kind of electrical surge as a result of the storm, you’ll want to have it serviced so that your technician can test for any electrical disruptions, weaknesses, or other problems. Sometimes the damage builds as a result of cumulative issues, not because of one single storm. That evaluation can help identify problems before they become destructive dangers. Recognizing that your air conditioning condenser is at risk of damage from lightning storms is the first step, but knowing what kind of damage to watch for is just as important. Before the electrical storm season sets in again, talk with air conditioning services about a comprehensive...

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When a general contractor is building a home, they have several different areas of the home that they hire different specialist to help create and install. This includes the electric work, the plumbing work, the cabinets, etc. Another aspect of the home that a general contractor should consider hiring a specialist for are the trusses. A truss contractor is going to be able to do a great job creating the trusses, which will simply make the structure as a whole that much better. This article will discuss 3 excellent reasons why a general contractor should hire a truss contractor to create their trusses.  There Are A Plethora Of Truss Designs To Choose From One excellent reason why a general contractor should hire a truss contractor to create their trusses for them is because they give them several different truss options to choose from. These options include designs such as: scissors, flat, traditional, fault, attic, porch, and the list goes on. These different designs make it easy for the contractor to get the shape and style of truss that they need for the specific structure that they are building. It also allows them to get very customized with the trusses, which wouldn’t be possible if they only had generic options.  They Use Engineered Wood Products  Another reason to hire a truss contractor is because they are going to create the trusses out of engineered wood products. These products are going to look like wood, but will not have some of the same flaws that wood does. This means that the pieces will all be very precise, and things like warping or chipping are not going to be an issue. Engineered wood is excellent at withstanding weather and is very structurally sound, which is obviously very important for tresses as well.  The Trusses Are Made Off-Site And Delivered  When a general contractor hires a specialist to create their trusses, they are going to be made completely off-site. This means that once they arrive, they are going to be ready to go. This saves the general contractor from having to do any work in the creation process, and gives them a product that they can install right when they arrive on site. Since construction now-a-days is inspected to be a very speedy process, this really helps contractors to stay within the expected time frames of the people who they are building structures...

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