When Style Is More Than Style: Further Considerations for Choosing a Roof Style

Posted on: 19 September 2016

When it comes to choosing a roof style, you should think beyond curb appeal if you wish to stay satisfied by your chosen style for a long time. Here are other factors you should consider.

Installation Cost

Your chosen style may affect your roofing budget. As a rule, the more complicated a roof is, the more it will cost to install. Pitched roofs, for example, cost more to construct than flat roofs. The additional cost can be attributed to the extra hours and materials needed to come up with the complicated shape. For example, a sawtooth roof, which has multiple pitched roofs running parallel to one another, requires more materials to construct than a simple pyramid roof where all sides meet at a single point at the top.

Maintenance Cost

Apart from the installation cost, you should also be prepared for the maintenance costs of your chosen roof style. For example, flat roofs are more prone to water or debris-related damage, so they require more frequent inspections and maintenance. This is because flat roofs tend to have drainage issues. Also, a roof design that incorporates numerous projections, valleys, and ridges will require more intensive maintenance than roofs with continuous surfaces. This is because roof problems often begin at those connection points.

Wind Resistance

Certain roof shapes hold up better to the wind than others. This should be of great concern to those who live in hurricane-prone or coastal areas. For example, a multiple-panel roof is more likely to withstand wind forces than other types of roofs. Even the slope of the roof matters; data shows that 30-degree slope is the best for wind resistance. Even the presence or absence of roof overhangs, including their length, may affect the wind capabilities of a roof. Ask your roofing contractor how your roof is likely to fare during a strong wind.

Resale Value

Unless you plan to live in that house forever (and don't forget that unforeseen circumstances may change your mind), you should also consider the resale value of your house while choosing a roof. For example, well-designed roof ridges with stylish ridge caps are considered attractive by many people. Even the color of the shingles may affect how people view your house; the roof's color should complement or offer a striking contrast to the colors used on the exterior of the house.

You can change some aspects of your roof style during the roof's replacement, while other aspects are best considered during the first installation or design. For example, it won't cost you much to switch from one color to another while replacing a roof, but it's expensive to change the slope of the roof.

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