Looking at the Benefits and Beauty of Stone Veneer Siding

Posted on: 28 July 2016

Homeowners that want to have their homes renovated and covered with stone siding may wonder how to fit stone siding into their budgets. Real stone siding is expensive and for many people not an affordable option for their homes. However, the good news is you can choose stone veneers that look exactly the same as real stone while also offering many of the same benefits. Learn more about the benefits of choosing stone veneers for your home's exterior.

Long-Lasting, Affordable Beauty and Protection

Homes sided with stone veneers have the same protection as those sided with real stone. Stone veneers are manufactured using concrete (Portland cement), a mix of light aggregate, and iron-oxide pigments for adding color. Stone veneer is durable and can last for several years. Stone veneers also offer great protection for your house against moisture, and they are great for increasing the insulating energy efficiency of your home as well. Stone veneer is also less costly than real stone siding, being up to $10 less per square foot than the real thing.

Affordable Installation                                                                                  

Stone veneer siding is much lighter than real stone, making it easier and faster to put on. The installation costs of veneer are less because the installation process takes less labor and time. Real stone is extremely heavy and must be fit together according to a time-consuming process that is expensive. If you have real stone put on your home's exterior, you will need to hire a skilled masonry contractor, another expensive aspect of having real stone put on. With stone veneers, you don't need special footings or supports to help keep it on. Choosing stone veneers will give you the same look and decorative appeal without breaking the bank.

Fireproof and Virtually Maintenance-Free Siding

Fake-stone veneer siding is fireproof, a great benefit that's a plus when it comes to your homeowner's insurance. Also, stone veneer is maintenance-free. The most attention you will need to give to your stone veneer siding is washing it when you think it needs it. You do not have to worry about painting it or replacing pieces of it when the wind blows really hard like you may have to with vinyl or aluminum siding.

Adding the special decorative look of stone siding to your home can be easy with stone veneer materials. For an old-style look without the cost of today's real-rock installation, you can enjoy the look without worrying about how you will pay for it.