Welding Machine Maintenance Tips For Newbies

Posted on: 13 May 2016

If you have decided to start a small mobile welding business, knowing how to maintain your welding machine is crucial to your success. While many independent welders take their machines to shops for professional maintenance, you can take care of it yourself and save the money. Follow these tips for providing the maintenance that will help your welding machine last longer.

Following The Manufacturer's Instructions Is Paramount

Thoroughly reading the manual that came with your welding machine is important.  If you do not have the manual, contacting the manufacturer to get a copy sent to you is best. Following the instructions in your machine's manual will allow to know about certain specifications that apply directly to its proper use. For example, if your welder is designed to use MIG wire, using only MIG wiring is necessary to prevent damage to your machine. By following manufacturer specs, you have fewer issues with problems erratic running or your machine running too hot.

Dust And Debris Can Be Detrimental To Your Welder

You transport your welding machine on the back of your truck. This is a common practice for independent welders, especially those just getting started in business. Purchasing an air compressor for blowing out the duct and debris in your welding machine on a regular basis is a good idea for helping to keep it running smoothly. Bear in mind that while your welder is not being used or is in transport to your next job, keeping it covered with a weatherproof tarp is important to protect it from too much and debris buildup. If you have to remove grease to get rid of dirt build up in it, be sure to re-grease the parts for keeping your welder running smoothly.

Keeping An Eye On Vital Parts

By providing regular maintenance, you will have greater chances of catching problems before they cause your machine to break down. For example, parts like wire feeder brushes may need to replaced for obtaining the most efficient operation. Keeping spare parts like tips and nozzles on hand is a good idea for preventing a lot of down time for your machine as well. Remember that torches on your welder will usually need to be replaced regularly as well, depending on how much you use your machine.

You stand the chance to earn a good living as an independent welder, so making sure you take the care of your welding machine is vital. By providing regular maintenance and care, you can make a great profit by using one machine for a long time. For more information, contact companies like Northland Fastening Systems.