Four Unique Siding Styles To Choose From To Renovate The Exterior Of Your Home

Posted on: 12 January 2016

Installing new siding can be a great way to renovate the exterior of your home. Traditional lap-siding can be plain and lack custom details that you may want for your renovations. There are many other styles of siding to choose from to change the look of your home, such as board-and-batten, shakes, log-style siding and modern composite panels. If you want to change the look of your home with new siding, here are some of the choices you may want to consider:

1. A Classic Look With Board-And-Batten Styles

If you want to have more of a classic look for the siding on your home, board-and-batten can be a good choice. This can be conventional wood materials, or it can be more modern plywood and vinyl siding products. This gives you a choice of many different materials that will fit almost any budget. The wood materials will cost more and need a lot more maintenance and care.

2. Combine Styles With Shakes For A Unique Siding Look

In addition to the board-and-batten siding, there are also wood shakes that can be used to give your siding a custom look. Shakes can be used for all the siding on your home, or they can be used with other materials for more of a custom look. Shakes can look great on architectural features, such as roof gables, porches and bay-windows.

3. Turn Your Home Into A Cabin With Log-Style Siding Materials

You may have always dreamed of having your very own log cabin. There are ways that you can make your home look like a log home. Log-style siding materials can be installed to give your home the look you want. This can be real wood log faces or more modern materials like vinyl siding made to look like timber logs.

4. Give Your Home A Modern Makeover With Composite Panels

If your home has more of a contemporary design, you may not want to use classic siding styles. Modern siding materials are also available in panels to give your home more of a modern look. This can be fiber cement and other materials that cover exterior walls. You can also combine these materials with things like tropical hardwoods to give your home a custom look.

If you want to change the look of your home with siding, these are some ideas that you can use. You can contact a siding contractor like one from Fredericksburg Builders and talk with them about using these materials when you are ready to complete your exterior renovations.