3 Ways To Open Up A Bathroom Without Changing The Floor Plan

Posted on: 17 November 2015

Bathroom remodels are a great way to add value to a home. A remodel can also increase the functionality of the space, especially if the bathroom is shared by multiple family members. While reworking a bathroom is a great way to add value, it is also easy to go over budget. One big budget buster is changing up the floor plan, which often involves potentially expensive alterations to plumbing and electrical systems. Luckily there are ways to make a bathroom feel more open and modern without needing to change the floor plan.

Glass Shower Doors

A new shower door can bring new life into a bathroom. It's one of the first places that the eye is drawn to in a bathroom. For this reason, it is important to have a shower door that does not make the space look closed off or dark. Instead of using a shower curtain, which can block natural light in some bathrooms, glass shower doors are a great addition to any shower or bathtub. Glass shower doors, especially frameless options, allow natural light in with no interruption. They also provide a clear sight line into the shower space, which can make the bathroom seem even more open.

Color Choices

Color plays a big role in how large a space appears to the human eye. The darker the space, the smaller it looks. This is why lighter colors should be considered by anyone who is trying to make their bathroom appear larger and more open. Lighter colors are also not just for walls. Light color cabinets, flooring, and tiles can also make the space feel more open. It's also important to remember the details when choosing a color scheme for the bathroom. Keeping the trim a light or contrasting color can also open up the space.

Removing Walls

One way to change up a bathroom without altering the existing floor plan is by removing walls. This can make a huge difference but doesn't involve changes to the plumbing, which can in turn help keep costs down. Homeowners should make sure that any wall set to be removed is not load-bearing. Past bathroom styles have often included superfluous walls to increase privacy. The downside to these walls is that they can obstruct the flow of the bathroom space. Removing these walls is a great way to make things feel more open and light.

Floor plan changes can add up and increase the budget in a bathroom remodel. The good news is that there are many changes that can be made in order to open up the space that do not involve changes to the floor plan. Glass shower doors, a new color scheme, and removing extra walls can do a lot for a bathroom space. For more information, contact a company like Mitchell Window & Door.