Steps To Take Before Building A Fence

Posted on: 12 July 2015

You may need a fence for many reasons: to keep your children safe, to keep your pets restrained, or to keep your swimming pool legal. Although some people choose to install fencing themselves, a contractor is often a better option. No matter who does the work, you will need to do some research before construction begins in order to make certain your new fence is legal.


If your property is subject to municipality or neighborhood restrictions, you need to check to see what type of fence you are allowed to erect. Often, there will be restrictions on height and on the type of materials you can use. Many areas will restrict front fences to four feet and back and side yard fences to six to eight feet. If you want to use barbed wire or an electric fence, you will probably be out of luck. Most areas will not allow those materials to be used. In some instances, you will be required to keep the "pretty" side of the fence turned toward public spaces. Although it is your property, you will have to play nice with the neighborhood.


Before you build a fence, you will also need to determine your property line. Even if you and your neighbors have an understanding about where that line is, you will need a survey to get a building permit and to protect yourself legally. If you are over the boundary line at all, your neighbor can usually force you to tear down your fence. Some neighborhood associations may require you to have the fence inside of instead of on the property line. Remember too, that your contractors are not responsible for discovering these rules. You must be aware of the restrictions and give them that information. 


Experts recommend hiring a contractor that is licensed through the state for any significant work. Also, you can expect to pay somewhere between $32 - $48 per hour for a contractor's services. Since you expect your fence to last for years, the investment is worth it. Plus, it adds resale value to your home while making it more secure. 

Before building a fence, be sure to do your research. Check local ordinances and have a survey done. Also, search for a qualified and licensed contractor to do the work. Cutting corners on quality will only bring you short-term savings and long-term grief. A properly-done fence adds curb appeal to your home while making it safer and more private. Contact a company like Arizona Surveying and Mapping for more information.