Three Tips To Help You Pick The Right Roofing Contractor

Posted on: 15 June 2015

When you realize that your home's roof is in urgent need of replacing, it's always best to get job quotes from three or four roofing companies and pick the one that suits you best. Of course, you know that it's important to confirm each company you consider is licensed, ensured and experienced, but beyond these three areas, it can be challenging knowing exactly how to weigh the companies you're considering. Provided each company you contact has all the right paperwork, there are three other important questions to ask before you officially hire one company to do the work. Even if you aren't well-versed in roofing issues, covering these topics will help you decide which company best suits your job.

1. Quote In Writing

On the surface, getting a written quote for the job helps to protect you against unforeseen costs along the way, but getting each company to provide you with a formal estimate and quote for your roofing project has deeper value. Take your three or four quotes and compare them against each other. Experienced, busy companies will often give similar price quotes, but it's a red flag if one company's quote is noticeably higher or lower than the others. While a company that charges too much might push you away, don't run toward a quote that's surprisingly low -- such a quote can be evidence that the company is inexperienced or plans to cut corners.

2. References Are Vital

Ask every roofing contractor you contact for a list of references. Many contractors' websites have photo galleries that allow prospective customers to evaluate the work, but it's ideal to actually speak to previous customers to inquire about their satisfaction. Contractors should have little hesitation providing you with the name and phone number or email address of past customers who have indicated that they're happy to serve as references; this approach is common in trades such as roofing, as it gives companies the ability to have customers spread the word on their behalf.

3. Gut Feeling Is Valuable

Part of selecting the right roofing contractor for your job doesn't involve tangible results like getting a quote or speaking to references. When you're looking to hire a contractor, always acknowledge your gut feeling. Certain factors can help you decide whether you feel right about one company or another. For example, it's a positive sign when a company calls you back promptly, makes a concerted effort to visit your home quickly and delivers your quote on time. Companies who fail to deliver in these areas should give you a shaky feeling that you shouldn't ignore.