Reasons A Garage Door Opener Upgrade Makes Sense

Posted on: 30 April 2015

The garage door opener you use to gain entry to your garage could use an upgrade if it is an older model. Even if it is still working properly, changing it for a newer model can increase safety and convenience. Here are some reasons why you should consider replacing your own garage door opener for a new model.

Sound Quality

Older garage door openers work by using a chain on a track to open the door. These tend to make quite a bit of noise as your garage door opens and closes. Newer models use belt drives or screw drives, both of which are considerably quieter because of the material they are made from.  Chain-drive garage door openers are still an option, as they are now constructed with a cover to help muffle the sound when in use.


Garage door openers of the past used remote controls that were programmed with the same code for anyone with the same make and model opener. If you were to drive down the road with your controller and continuously push it, someone else's door could open. New garage door openers offer much more safety. The code is reconfigured to work with your specific remote every time you use the door, eliminating the risk that someone else could get inside with their remote. 


If you have a garage door opener that is over twenty years old, there is a good chance that it does not have the safety-reversal feature that newer garage door openers are required to have. Two sensors are placed about a half a foot up from the floor on alternate sides of the garage door entryway.

If something obstructs the path of the sensor when the garage door is being closed, the garage door mechanism will reverse so the door reopens. This design feature was invented to help keep small children and pets safe from having a garage door shut while they are in its path.


Modern garage door openers come with a variety of convenience features. There are applications you can download to your cell phone to run your garage door opener if you do not wish to carry a remote control unit. This allows you to swap vehicles without worrying that you forgot the device to open the door when you return home. It will also allow you to check on the status of your garage door when you are not at home via an Internet application.

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