Four Tips to Help Choose the Right Ductless AC System for Your Home

Posted on: 15 April 2015

If you want to have an affordable and reliable AC system, ductless air conditioners are a great choice. They are inexpensive, reliable, and can be configured to meet the cooling needs of your home. There are many choices today when it comes to ductless systems, which can be single systems, mini split systems, or multiple systems. If you are considering ductless AC for your home, here are four tips to get the right cooling for your home:

1. Getting the Right Size Systems for Your Home

There are many different sizes of ductless cooling systems. You will want to have systems that are right for your home, which is calculated by cubic feet of air space and the tonnage rating of the AC. If you are using more than one unit, this should be calculated individually for the space that the units are cooling. This will ensure that you have adequate and efficient cooling for your home.

2. Using Mini Split Systems with Zoning

Mini split units are ductless AC systems that use one heat pump with two air handlers in your home. They are ideal for smaller homes that have minimal cooling needs. It is a good system for a single floor home where more than one unit is needed to cool your home efficiently. If you are adding cooling to multiple floors, this may not be an ideal solution for your cooling needs.

3. Multi-Story Homes and Multiple Ductless AC Systems

If you are adding cooling to different floors on your home, you may need to have more than one system installed. This can be several mini split systems, which can provide cooling for each floor. This will give you more efficient cooling and better performance than installing one split system to cool multiple floors of your home.

4. Location and Care of Outdoor Heat Pumps for Your AC

The heat pumps of ductless systems are installed outside of your home like conventional AC. They need to have the same care as any other heat pump. This means you will want to locate them in a place that is out of sight and free of debris. During the winter months, you may also want to winterize the units and protect them with covers like you would with a central HVAC heat pump outside of your home.

These are some tips to help you with getting ductless AC that is affordable and efficient. If you are ready to have your new AC installed, contact an air conditioning service like Hudson Hdwe Plumbing & Heating Inc and ask them about some of these things for your home cooling needs.