Central Air Conditioning System: Why It Is Better Than A Window Unit & How Much It Costs

Posted on: 30 January 2015

Do you have a window air conditioning unit that takes forever to cool your house down? You may want to invest in central air conditioning because you will get the temperature you desire fast, which will save on energy costs. In this article, discover why a central air conditioning system is more ideal than a window unit and the cost to get one installed in your home.

Why is a Central Air Conditioning System Better than a Window Unit?

One thing that makes a central air conditioner better than a window unit is how much safer it is. For instance, a window unit has to be installed in a window that is open at all times that can make it easier for burglaries to get inside of your home. The constantly opened window also allows air to seep in or out while you are trying to reach a specific temperature. You end up having to use a lot of electricity just to cool down.

A central air conditioner is also ideal because it is connected to a duct system that has vents in nearly every room in the house. Central air conditioning is able to cool a home quickly after it is turned on because of the duct system, which takes long with a window unit because it cools a single room at a time. You can save money on energy costs because the system won't be on long. If your home is well ventilated, the temperature you set on the thermostat should last for a while.

How Much Does a Central Air Conditioning System Cost?

The cost of a central air conditioning installation will depend on what all is in need of being done. For instance, you won't have to spend as much money if you already have central heating in your home because it will requires less work. You are looking to pay an estimated price between $2,100 and over $10,000 for a new central air conditioning system with all parts installed. You will be happy with your investment with time because of the money you will save on cooling costs each month.

You don't have to continue with the frustrating of not having cool air in a timely manner with a window air conditioning unit. Central air conditioning will solve your cooling problems and you won't have to leave a window open. Contact an air conditioning specialist, such as one from Century Heating & Air Conditioning Services, to get a system installed.