4 Exterior Upgrades That Save Money And Increase Curb Appeal

Posted on: 5 January 2015

Simple exterior upgrades can provide major savings, while also making your home look nicer from the outside. Updating or replacing just one of the following can give your home a whole new look.

#1: Upgrade Your Windows

The windows are the soul of a house. Old windows that look dated or with hazed glass can ruin the whole outward appearance of your home. They also cost you money because they don't offer suitable energy efficiency and may let in drafts.

Your windows are due for replacement if:

  • They let in drafts or moisture.

  • Are difficult to open or close.

  • There are broken or loose panes.

  • They look dirty no matter how often or thoroughly you clean.

When selecting windows, choose an energy efficient design that reflects the sun and provides some insulation. Windows with fiberglass or vinyl frames require minimal maintenance and are fairly energy efficient, while wood frames require more maintenance but offer better efficiency. A wood fiber and vinyl combination frame offers the best of both maintenance and efficiency.

#2: Pretty Up Your Door

One of the simplest ways to increase your curb appeal is by replacing your front door. Opting for a more ornate door, such as one with decorative insets or cut glass windows, gives your home a look of luxury for a relatively small investment.

Old doors can also cost you more, which makes replacement a good idea. They may fit poorly in the frame or have gaps, which leads to energy waste. Older doors, especially those in wood frames, also compromise your home's security. When updating your door, choose a metal frame for the added security and to lower the maintenance. A solid wood or metal door is also a better choice, with metal requiring less maintenance than wood.

#3: Add The Gutters

Don't overlook gutters when trying to improve your home's appearance. Properly fitted gutters aren't immediately noticeable, but the changes they make to your home's exterior really stand out.

Gutters extend the life of your roof because they help minimize damaging ice dams in winter. You can also add attractive beds to the border of your home once you have gutters, because there is no longer an obvious drip line digging a trench into the landscape. Finally, gutters help route water away from your home's exterior, which minimizes dirt and water droplet stains on your siding and windows. This in turn minimizes etching on the glass, prolonging the life of your new windows.

#4: Update the Drapes

Although drapes may look attractive indoors, they often leave much to be desired when viewed from outside. They also collect dust and stains, and can make your home look dated. Upgrading to wood blinds or interior shutters provides a consistent look on the outside of your home. These upgrades are also more energy efficient because they help block drafts and the cold air that comes through the glass. There are even built-in options that are a permanent part of the window frame that you can consider if you are also replacing your windows.

If you are having trouble deciding which updates your home needs, try taking a picture of the outside of your home. Often, you can see issues more clearly when you are studying a photograph. You can also contact a professional company, like Welty Custom Exteriors, Inc, for more ideas.