Maintenance Tips For A Healthy, Lush Lawn

Posted on: 30 December 2014

After your lawn's needs have been professionally handled, keep it looking lush and green by completing regular maintenance steps. Add the following tips into your normal routine and you will have a yard that you can be proud of and that will complement the way your home looks.

Mow Grass The Proper Way

Adjust your lawn mower so that blades of grass aren't cut as shortly as they normally are. Having blades that are a few inches tall will provide your lawn with shade so that weeds aren't as likely to germinate. Alternate the direction that you push your mower each time the grass needs to be cut. Cutting the grass at different angles will assist with getting the blades of grass to stand upright, giving your property a well-manicured appearance.

Leave Grass Clippings Where They Lay

If you used to pick up grass clippings as soon as you cut your grass, eliminate this extra step and watch as your lawn continues to thrive. Clippings will naturally insulate the ground, helping your lawn to retain moisture. The pieces that have been cut will fit down between the remaining blades. They won't take long to decompose and will add nutrients to the soil. As a result, your grass will remain healthy and green.

Water Less Frequently And For A Longer Amount Of Time

When you water your lawn less frequently and for a longer amount of time, you are encouraging the grass roots to grow deeply. Deep roots will help your grass to remain healthy and strong. By having to water less, you will save yourself time in the long run. Choose a sprinkler system that rotates and that comes with a timer to make watering your lawn easy.

Based upon the amount of rainfall that is typical in your area and the average temperature for the time of year, you will provided with an amount of time that will allow your yard to receive a sufficient amount of water. You can set the timer and not have to worry about going back outside to turn off the water supply.

Once you get into the habit of adding these lawn care tips to your regular routine, you will notice that you are spending less time caring for your lawn and more time enjoying it. Your lawn will be a beautiful area that you can relax in and appreciate whenever you have extra time on your hands. Contact local lawn care services for more information.